The Other Press

I've written 100+ articles as Staff Reporter for The Other Press, the independent student newspaper at Douglas College. I've vastly improved my interview and writing skills. While the majority of my articles landed in the News section, I've contributed to the Arts and Life & Style sections, respectively. Read every article I wrote here.

Victim to victor: a local perspective tells the story of Jodie Ortega, a survivor of domestic violence, childhood sexual abuse and multiple isolated sexual assaults. At a young age, she was abused by her grandfather, who convinced her to withhold telling her family—and when she spoke up, a family meeting was held in which he showed no remorse. “The only words he had to defend himself was: ‘We were close,’” she recalled. Read the full story here.

Before the 2017 provincial election, I reached out to local candidates to talk about why students should vote for them. We sat down with Rick Glumac, current MLA for Port Moody-Coquitlam riding, to talk about his stances on key issues in the community. Read the full story here.

The Welfare Food Challenge limits individuals to eat the food they could buy with $18. Participants can't use any food banks, charities, pre-brought food, home-grown food, or free food from friends and family. This challenge was set and I was ready to crush it. That is, until I came across a pizza. Read the full story here.