Life at BCIT Vlogs

I'm a blogger for Life at BCIT, a blog aimed to provide an unfiltered view of student life. Student correspondents are encouraged to be as honest and forthcoming as they can so readers can get an authentic depiction of what a student experiences at BCIT. Students are recruited from all areas of BCIT so a wide variety of viewpoints are represented.

I participated in the Welfare Food Challenge, in which participants were allowed to spend $18 for an entire weeks’ worth of food. The challenge made it clear that participants weren’t allowed to use any food banks, charities, pre-brought food, home-grown food, or free food from friends, family or the community. Read the full story here.


I try my best to be involved in a handful of events and initiatives around campus. In late October, HUB Cycling, a local organization dedicated to improving bike lanes across Metro Vancouver, hosted their annual Bike to Work week. Read the full story here.