CBC’s On the Coast

I produced these pieces while interning at CBC's On the Coast with Gloria Macarenko.

The Vancouver Art Gallery is known for its iconic building and placement in the downtown core of Vancouver. But is a new design and site for the space the best option? I took to the streets to find out.



A house in East Vancouver selling for only $998,000 sparked news headlines across Vancouver, amidst an expensive real estate market. But the home doesn't have a driveway or completed basement or attic. Is the price tag still worth it?

At the Good Shepard Barn, farm animals are rehabilited back to health. Back in December 2018, 27 neglected horses were rescued from a Langley property by the BC SPCA. Now... they're up for adoption. I paid a visit to the horses and their caretakers.



Meet Rika and Kento, owners of Iktuarpok Coffee Stand, a tiny coffeeshop. Their spot is only 183 square feet! At the edge of Gastown, the Japanese couple peek out the window regularly to look for customers.

Imagine a Skytrain designed to what you would like. What do you think about inward facing seats? In January 2018, Translink announced a new fleet of over 200 cars. I rode the Millenium Line and Expo Line to find out what riders really want.



Have you had the flu this past winter season? If not, how did you stay healthy? I asked Vancouverites for health tips to avoid the flu.