BCIT Magazine

BCIT Magazine features news stories from around the Lower Mainland which are produced weekly. Responsiblity for the content of the show rests completely with the students and instructors.

Keagan Hseuh is just like any other kid in his jiu jitsu class, except Keagan has cerebral palsy.

Cerebral palsy affects a person's ability to move and maintain balance, but it won't stop the eight-year old from living life to the fullest.

Diversity Rains always figured he was a friend of the transgender community. But it wasn't until he went to a pride event that he knew he was destined to play a bigger part.

He's getting ready for the Trans Day of Remembrance March, an event that honours trans and gender non-conforming people who were murdered worldwide.

Holly Fraser always dreamed of running her own bakery.

But on the verge of a grand opening, the new business was hit by a big road bump in the form of a $20,000 price tag for electrical and plumbing upgrades.

Before babies can talk, they mainly use sounds to communicate. But what if you could understand them?

Lee Ann Steyns, a mother of two, teaches sign language to a group of moms who are eager to find out what their children want without using any words.

Ryan Vena, someone who has had struggles with addiction in his past, is touching hearts, filling stomachs, and saving lives in the DTES with Street Saviours Outreach Society, an organization that he founded. Take a look at the original post here.

This was the first time I co-anchored BCIT In-Focus.

I produced two stories in the show, one about the newest 3D printers on the campus and the other on food research at the phytoanalytics lab.